Virginia Satir – Teachings of Virginia Satir

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Virginia Satir
Teachings of Virginia Satir

Teachings of Virginia Satir DVD set of 4 disks (Training for Family Therapists)

Recorded in 1986 at the Virginia Satir International Summer Institute in Crested Butte, Colorado.

Excellent teaching material, review for practitioners, and learning tools for clients

Contained in this 4 DVD disk Set

The Seed Model,
framework and philosophy of Satir’s Seed Model.

The Process of Change,
Virginia discusses moving through the five stages of change.

Communication Stances,
Discussion of double-level messages and an exercise on communication stances.

The Origins & Transformation of Survival Copings,
Significance of family of origin in the development of survival and coping skills.

Temperature Reading,
Origin and method for facilitating congruent group process.

The Dynamics of a Parts Party,
Discussion and model of the powerful process for identifying and integrating one’s self.


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