Wendi Friesen – Self Hypnosis 2 – The Power Within

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Wendi Friesen
Self Hypnosis 2 – The Power Within

Two full hours!

Here is what is on this 2 hour Video-

Fractionation- The sure way to deepen your trance state with a live demonstration
Parts Therapy- Find the self-sabotage behind your behavior and blast through it.
The Wall- Discover your blocks to success, love, learning and more. Get over your wall!

Timeline- Powerful strategy to access the past and future. My favorite life changing technique.
Sports Therapy- Anchor your ZONE state in your subconscious mind. Take your game to the next level.
Financial Abundance- The hypnotic power of becoming worthy, deserving and manifesting.

Circle of Excellence- Be magnificent and skillful at anything. You are confident and excellent.
Temple of Wisdom- Find your wise sage and seek wisdom. Amazing answers and guidance can be found.
Detachment- Instantly detach from stress, anger, conflict. Push your reset button with this technique.

The Switch- Turn on your brain! Create a switch for an ability that you want to turn on.
And… Hilarious Out takes you wont want to miss!

This video is great for those just getting started, and for Hypnotherapists who would like to learn new techniques.

Included are both an ISO and MP4 rip. There is no menu on the DVD, so no real benefit to choosing the ISO unless prefer it. Pick the one you want when downloading.


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