Wild Divine – Progressive Scan Meditation

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Wild Divine – Progressive Scan Meditation

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rogressive Scan Meditation – Guided Meditation with Zen Master Nissim Amon. Meditate with Biofeedback for Calm and Relaxation.

The Progressive Scan Meditation App gives you the best mind-body relaxation technique to relieve stress and deeply relax while easing muscle tension throughout your entire body.

Included with this FREE App is the guided body scan meditation, 4 unique meditation music tracks, 4 beautifully animated backgrounds, and 4 different avatar Buddha’s to inspire you.

The Progressive Scan Meditation App from Wild Divine gives you the art and science of balanced living. Use it with the wireless IomBlue hardware for maximum benefit – physically see each part of your body as you become more relaxed, so you maximize the effectiveness of your meditation time.

Customized Settings:

• Meditate from 6 – 30 minutes
• Adjust music volume and vocals separately
• Choose the length of your breathing cycle prompt
• Challenge yourself with increasing difficulty settings

Zen Master Nissim Amon guides you in this process.

“We chose to do a Progressive Body Scan meditation because it is the most powerful way to relax your body and release stress and muscle tension. Relaxing the stress in our body is something we often forget. With this App, the ancient Vipassana technique is transformed in this technologically advanced way. Scanning the body peacefully and mindfully, will strip away the stress layers one after the other, going deeper each time you do it.”
~Master Amon

Also featured in this App are four completely original music tracks. Each melody transports your mind into a deeply meditative state to escape normal space and time. The four exclusive musical selections are:

• Om – Vocal chants from both masculine and feminine voices
• Zen – Traditional Asian instruments and water sounds
• Canyon – Feel yourself among the ancients with ambient wood flutes
• Cosmos – A timeless journey into the vastness of space

Combining the Progressive Scan Meditation App and the IomBlue, this gorgeously interactive program gives you the tools to relieve stress and restore your energy as you learn the ultimate relaxation skill. When you combine the IomBlue with your App you can:

• See results the first time you use it with Active Feedback
• Track your progress over time
• Personalize your breathing cycle so you learn faster and progress easily
• Increase your difficulty so you can continue to improve
• See your progress and results that inspire you to stick with you meditation

Wild Divine has over 15 years of experience in developing unique whole-body relaxation and training programs that have helped over 100,000 users reduce stress and live happier, more well-balanced lives. We deliver the world’s great wisdom practices by exploring the magic and power of mind-body training, mindfulness and meditation.

Can I use the Progressive Scan Meditation App without the IomBlue hardware?

Yes, of course! The IomBlue greatly enhances the experience and allows you to take advantage of the active feedback component. With the App alone, you can still progress through the audio-guided Progressive Scan Meditation with Zen Master Nissim Amon and learn the basics from this meditation program as well as enjoy the four musical tracks that are included.


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