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Wyatt Woodsmall – Beyond Self-Awareness

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Wyatt Woodsmall – Beyond Self-Awareness

An integration of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Spirituality

This three part e-book contains a series of articles about spirituality from the point of view of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming). Most of the articles have appeared in Rapporter Magazine.

Further articles are taken from lectures and from edited transcripts of portions of the Beyond Self Awareness Seminar run by the author coupled with the author’s personal spiritual journey.

This book assumes a working knowledge of NLP and uses NLP technical vocabulary.

It is intended to assist those members of the NLP community who are working to connect the concepts of NLP with spirituality, which gives meaning and purpose to their lives.

Through the book, you will discover so many different aspects of spirituality:

objective knowledge
The Four Ways – Fakir, Monk, Yoga and the Fourth way
Parts- reframing
And so many others

The reader will then follow processes to go Beyond Self Awareness:

Meditation enhancement process
The Bardo Process
The Belief change process
Identification Exercise
Reality Creation Process

And finally, you will read an article on real emotional choice and personal growth to help integrate the information you have read.

The e-book is truly powerful spiritual a journey. The information could transform your life.


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