Wyatt Woodsmall & Marvin Oka – The Little Magi Stories

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 Wyatt Woodsmall & Marvin Oka

The Little Magi Stories

An engaging story for children and “the child” in us all, about the many experiences and adventures we imagine we may like to have growing up. In Book 1, the Little Magi starts off living in the Village of Everhome and is raised by an old woman. He finds out he is special and has unique qualities that are different to other children, and yet, from time-to-time, fears arise in him also.

The Little Magi Stories take you on a magical journey where you meet many different “characters” and also lots of challenges, (even meeting dragons along the way) and tells how the Little Magi learns to deal with these strange and unusual events.

The Little Magi stories are inspirational and were designed with universal principles of wanting to better yourself and be happier in mind. They were also written with ethics, morals, good living standards and healthy mind — healthy body thinking and feeling also.

Originally written as part of a 20 day training programme, the stories reflected (metaphorically) back to the students the journey that could be felt by them for that day — what may be expected, and what may need to be overcome… facing their fears and moving them towards success!

The stories are designed to enhance a person’s (young or old) looking for and embracing life’s purpose (for them) and the quest for a
healthy balanced life — overcoming obstacles & fears and being willing to make changes when necessary…

Life can be easier when obstacles and challenges are faced, and then overcome and new strength of character is found within…Marvin Oka, Wyatt Woodsmall and Eileen Darwin (DOW Productions) trust you will enjoy the first story “When We Begin” — and they are very pleased to bring these delightfully, magical stories to life in this way…


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