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Wyatt Woodsmall -Time Codes

Time CodesTM are a behavioral change technology designed by Wyatt Woodsmall PhD, to produce individual and organizational change by bringing under conscious control the way an individual internally represents three key variables affecting a person’s behavior.
These are:
1. A person’s experience of temporality (including his memories of the past, experiences of the present, and expectations of the future);
2. A person’s experience of what is “real” or “true” or “causally connected” as represented by what the person “believes” to be real or true or causally connected; and
3. A person’s experience of what he values or considers to be of importance.
The first step to bringing about change involves first eliciting the critical submodalities of how a person represents his beliefs, values, and temporal experience. Once these critical submodalities are elicited, Time CodesTM re-adjusts these internal representations in order to bring about a change which may be remedial or generative.
Remedial change is aimed at problem solving and enables a person to transition from a present, undesirable state to a future, desirable state. Generative change is aimed at making a person’s life, which is already good, even better.
There has been some discussion surrounding the origins of the idea of a time line. The spatialization of time and the concept of time as a line are probably as old as mankind. They are deeply rooted in man’s subjective experience of time. The idea of time lines in psychology was discussed in detail by the psychologist William James in the 1890’s; and in philosophy, the idea goes back to the Greeks and was discussed in detail by Edmund Husserl and Martin Heidegger in the 1920’s and 1930’s.
Time CodesTM are a synthesis of the work of Wyatt Woodsmall and Marilyne Woodsmall involving the application of Richard Bandler’s submodality concepts to the areas of time, beliefs and values and were first presented in Time Line Therapy and the Basis of Personality by Wyatt Woodsmall and Tad James.
The Ebook covers:
• Megalomania patterns
• Karmic Cleaning
• Reincarnation Karma Cleaning
• Genealogical Karma Cleaning
• Re-imprinting
• Changing the location of “NOW”
• Stepping outside of time
• Changing the direction of the time line
• Emotions and the time line
• Values and beliefs
If you are an NLP practitioner, or are interested in the concept of NLP then this book will fascinate you. It will help the practitioner better assist clients but will also help the non practitioner with tips for Time Line travelers who want to change their personal history as well as programming their future by using the time line.


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